Our Team
As individuals, we have different personalities with our own strengths and weaknesses. When we come together, we are a strong team of professionals working for the same cause. Each of us has strengths in a certain area and uses it for the sake of the agency’s success, while the other team members are always ready to help. Here we introduce our team, so that you may know better the people behind Ray MC concert and event agency.
Ray MC Team
Ray McRobbie
Managing Director

With almost 25 years of experience in show business and entertainment industry, Ray has been organising shows and events all over the world, from London to Tokyo. His connections with international stars are impressive, while his strong administrative skills have earned him a reputation of a perfect leader. Ray is the captain of our ship, someone we can always rely upon.
Tanya McRobbie
Managing Partner

Being Ray’s partner both in business and private life, Tanya is our precious flower that would make any heart melt, even that made of ice. Besides being beautiful and stylish, Tanya is very clever and professional and is involved in networking and marketing issues. Tanya is also a very good tour manager and has conducted several successful shows in various parts of Ukraine.
Alex Berdnick
Executive Director

Gossip and celebrities journalist, Alex has been writing for various entertainment publications for over ten years. This experience has provided him with the opportunity to interview numerous international stars, such as Sting, Engelbert Humperdinck, Julio Iglesias and many others. Alex is our creative engine and someone who enjoys being with stars and making sure they are happy.
Norman Unwin
Finance Director

Professional military man in the past, Norman is someone without whom the agency would have no organisational structure. Also, being very good with figures, he is responsible for financial planning, payments and project investments. Music-wise, Norman has a keen interest in the history of British rock music, thus educating the rest of the team and considerably expanding our roster.