Who we are
Capping over twenty years of experience in entertainment, Ray MC has evolved to become the premier concert and event agency providing affordable acts and performers to clubs, events, TV happenings and concerts throughout Ukraine...
Our Geography
We operate largely in Kiev, along with Ukraine’s biggest cities — Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Lviv and Odessa. In the summer period, we are also able to provide entertainment acts for towns and cities in the Crimean resort area. In addition, we utilise our previous experience and connections, and are also active in the United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates, providing our very own UK-UA-UAE axis.
Keys to Our Success
Keys to our success
1. Direct contacts, affordable prices
2. Knowing what people want
3. Full support service
4. All-Ukrainian coverage
5. Promo in mass media
Our Services
1. Good old disco
2. International stars
3. Translation & promotion
4. Event management
5. PR & creative solutions
The following persons, totalling one hundred and listed in alphabetical order, have been a positive influence on my career in the entertainment industry, either directly or indirectly. I pay tribute to them. They have given me the confidence and inspiration to open my own agency and I am indebted for their support.
Ukraine, 03062,
Kyiv-062, P.O. Box 49
+380 (67) 503-3588