About Us


It has been a long and fascinating journey since the Penthouse Nightclub, Ilford in 1987.

The following persons, totalling one hundred and listed in alphabetical order, have been a positive influence on my career in the entertainment industry, either directly or indirectly. I pay tribute to them. They have given me the confidence and inspiration to open my own agency and I am indebted for their support.
Rizzy Andani
Mal Bailey
Tom Barney
Eric Bell
Bill Bennett
Alex Berdnick
Anna Berestyan
Paul Berger
Buster Bloodvessel
Sheila Bonnick
Phil Bradbury
Jeremy Braithwaite
Jocelyn Brown
Simon Brown
Durron Butler
Sean Carr
Dave Cattanach
Billy Clinton
Gail Clough
Richard Coram
Dave Crane
Gwen Dickey
Gus Douglas
Peter Dyer
Tambi Fernando
Francisco Giles
Ernest Godfrey
Andy Golden
Harvey Goldsmith, CBE
Jaki Graham
David Grant
Tony Gulley
Nestor Haddaway
Len Harvey
Jimmy Helms
John Henry
John Higgs
Charles Hobbs
Mike Hosking
Mark Hutton
Leee John
Terry John
Duncan Jones
Steven Kapur
Bedros Kazandjian
Habib Khan
Alan Kimmins
Chris Kinder
Beverley Knight
James Knowles
Josef Kral
Earl Lewis
Anthony Liddiard
Rino Lista
Rod MacSween
Joe Maguire
Frank Maloney
Pete Martin
Angus Matheson
Richie Mattila
Quincy McAdam
John McInerney
Michael McMullen
Stuart McKenzie
Robert McNeil
Kate McRobbie
Tanya McRobbie
David Meacher
Paul Niland
Thomas Noblett
Alban Nwapa
Ciro Orsini
David Payne
Romek Parol
Nigel Peters
Sue Potter
John Reid
Stewart Ryall
Duncan Sabiston
Albert Samuel
Frank Schruhl
Richard Sealey
Pavlo Shylko
Afric Simone
Oleh Skrypka
Les Spaine
Doug Stokoe
Werner Stroud
Glyn Thomas
Zhenya Tymoshenko
Norman 'Stan' Unwin
Slava Vakarchuk
Mike Wallis
Simon Walton
Jack Warner
Cliff Webb
Ken Webb
Paul Widger
Keith Wilder
Precious Wilson
Managing Partner, D'Lux Club, Kiev
Former RAPC (Royal Army Pay Corps)
Bass Guitarist and ex-Musical Director, Steely Dan
Thin Lizzy Founder and Lead Guitarist
Former RAPC
Executive Director, Ray MC Agency
Project Manager, BC Toms & Co, Kiev
Harlequin Events, Dubai
Singer, Bad Manners
Former RAPC
DJ and ex-Ministry of Sound Promotions, London
Managing Director, Browns Leisure
aka Turbo B, original rapper, SNAP
Food and Beverage Manager, The Aviation Club, Dubai
Administrator and Singer
Factory Productions, Dubai
The Talent Brokers Agency, Dubai
Lifestyle Expert
Original Lead Singer, Rose Royce
Tour Manager
Casino Manager
Emirates Recording Studio, Dubai
Artes Sound Company, Dubai
Drummer, Eric Bell Blues Band
Legendary Promoter
Former RAPC
Lead Singer, London Beat
John Henry's Sound Company, London
Former RAPC
Promoter, Midas Promotions, Asia
Manager, Fibber Magee's, Dubai
Lead Singer, Imagination
Factory Productions, Dubai
aka Apache Indian
Former RAPC
Retired Casino Manager
Technical Director, Juliana's Leisure
Retired Hotelier, ex-Hyatt Hotels
Singer and Bass Guitarist, London
Chief Executive Officer, RMAL Hospitality, UAE
Singer and Lead Guitarist, Dubai
International Talent Booking, London
Casino Manager
Boxing Promoter, London
Canadian Military
Live Nation, Finland
Lead Singer, Bad Boys Blue
Project Manager, Australia
Managing Director, Pulse Company, Ukraine
Chairman, Pulse Company, Ukraine
Wife and Managing Partner, Ray MC Agency
Slots Director, Venice, Italy
Managing Director, PAN Publishing, Ukraine
aka Dr. Alban, Singer
Worldwide Restaurateur
Brand Marketing Communication Specialist
ex-Drummer, Eric Bell Blues Band
Promoter, Midas Promotions, Asia
Hospitality Specialist, Dubai
Singer / Songwriter
Former RAPC
Former DJ and Club Manager
Mission Control Artists Agency, London
Star Event Agency, Kiev
Managing Director, Juliana's Leisure
aka DJ Pasha, President, Gala Radio, Ukraine
Lead Singer, VV
The Spaine Music Agency, UK
Former RAPC
Former RAPC
Editor, Casino Life Magazine
Former RAPC and Finance Director, Ray MC Agency
Lead Singer, Okean Elzy
Worldwide Casino Consultant
International Leisure and Arts
Former RAPC
Former RAPC
Former RAPC
Talent Scout and Manager
Lead Singer, Heatwave
Lead Singer, Eruption